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Established in 2008 with resisted capital 50 million RMB in Jinan, China.
Supplier of trucks, cars, coaches and machineries etc. spare parts.
Hundreds of sales representatives skilled at English, Russian, French, Arabic, Persian and Spanish etc.
More than 50 engineers working on the vehicles models analysis and factory sourcing to make sure the products have the best quality with most competitive prices.
ERP Auto parts management system with data base of 600, 000 items to service customers.
20,000 m² warehouse with rolling stock of 30 million RMB.
A superior inspection team checking all the products inbound and outbound.
Main market: Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran and other Mid-east countries, Africa (such as Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola), South America (Brazil, Venezuela, Peru), and also to Southeast Asia (Philippine, Indonesia, Burma) etc.




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